The small town of Oakley Michigan has made headlines recently for their enormous reserve police department.

Reservists in the small village of Oakley, Michigan have asked a circuit judge to block the release of their names to the public.
Photo: Getty Images

Reservists in Oakley fear that they may become targets of Islamic extremists if a Freedom of Information Act request is granted.  According to the Saginaw News members of the village police department have asked a circuit judge in Saginaw County to block officials from publicly disclosing their names.

The lawsuit says "This is an action for preliminary and permanent injunction against the Board of Trustees of the Village of Oakley, and the Village of Oakley Police Department against release of identifying information about reserve members of the police department."

The suit alleges that the officers have become pawns in a political game between members of the council.  According to reservists this makes them targets.

The small village in central Michigan of 300 people has 100 reserve officers.   Some say this is a little extreme but supporters say the money reservists pay to maintain their police credentials finances public safety.

At one point the village council had decided to abolish the police department, but after the midterm elections the decision was reversed.