We all know about the trials and tribulations of the former Republican State Representatives Cindy Gamrat and Todd Courser this past summer.

Many of us know that Gamrat and Courser, just days after being expelled (Gamrat) or resigning (Courser) from Michigan’s House of Representatives for their controversial sex and cover-up scandal, decided to run for re-election for their former seats.

Many are upset that they would run for the House seat they were just thrown out of or resigned.

You can be upset or in disbelief as much as you want, but it is legal.

Well, at least legal for now.

MLive.com is reporting that Republican Rep. Lisa Lyons, Republican from Alto, Michigan and chairwoman of the House Elections Committee, is drawing up a bill that would prevent a candidate from running in a special election immediately after they were just expelled or resigned from that same position.

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Would you support this bill?

Those of you who think it is ridiculous that these two would run for their former seats immediately after resigning or being expelled, know this: This bill would not apply to either Gamrat or Courser at this point in time.

Is this one of those “let’s leave it up to the voter” situations? Or is it an "enough is enough" situation, and it is time we have a law like this?

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