The streets of American cities are being filled these days with protesters of all races trying to bring attention to the alleged national problem of racist cops killing people of color. The outraged protesters point to Michal Brown and Eric Garner- both black men who died after confrontations with white officers.

Brown’s death in Ferguson Missouri in August came after he assaulted officer Darren Wilson inside his police cruiser and then charged Wilson. This according to evidence presented to a Grand Jury that didn’t return an indictment against Wilson in the killing.

Garner’s death is more problematic. He was arrested by a half dozen officers- one Daniel Pantaleo wrapped his arms around Garners neck. Garner was more than 150 pounds overweight, diabetic and had been arrested 31 times before being swarmed by the NYPD in July. Unfortunately the trauma of the arrest triggered a heart attack- and Garner died that day at a local hospital.

In the hours and days since protesters have been holding ‘die ins’ in the streets from Burbank to London accusing police in New York and around the nation of being racist and of killing young black men without regard. Both ideas are frankly wrong. First of all the Sargent in charge the day Garner was taken down was a black woman. That’s right to person in charge of this allegedly racist abuse by NYPD officers was a black woman.

If you dig deeper you’ll find a lot more to support my position. For example the NYPD came into contact with 23 million people in 2013. Just shy of 260,000 people were charged with misdemeanors like Garner would have been. Another 50,000 were arrested for felonies. With all of that interaction and tension you’d think there would be blood running in the streets. But only a total of 16 people of all races were killed by officers of the NYPD. Epidemic of violence against people of color? The numbers just don’t support that theory.

The race merchants like the self promoting champion Al Sharpton are pushing a false narrative. Is there racism in America? Of course there is. Is there room for improvement? Yes. But the idea that American cops are racist and waging war on young people of color put in simple terms is a lie.