How in the world does someone steal an entire cabin? That's exactly what the Michigan State Police are trying to figure out after one was stolen in Northern Michigan.

We're not talking about some tiny little shed or something that was taken. We're talking a full-blown 12' x 28' cabin with multiple windows and even a porch with a railing. I'm also going to assume that it was fully furnished too.

Officials said troopers with the agency's Houghton Lake Post are looking for the cabin which was taken from a piece of property located on County Road 571 in Cold Springs Township.

It's believed the cabin was carried off sometime between Nov. 18 and Dec. 16. That's a long time ago, so that cabin could be hidden anywhere by now. I'm sure whoever stole it placed it out in the middle of the woods somewhere.

Somebody at some point had to have seen something, even it was in the middle of the night. How do you drive down the road and no one notices a cabin on a trailer, flatbed or whatever? I'm sure if they did see it, they never even question whether it was stolen or not.

Anyone with information about the missing cabin should call the state police's Houghton Lake Post at (989) 422-5101.

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While I'm sure whoever owns the cabin is extremely angry over having their property stolen, you have to admit, it's still kind of funny. Just the thought of someone loading up an entire cabin and driving off with it is like something out of a movie.

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