Most polls until now have shown Governor Rick Snyder and fellow Republican Terri Lynn Land on pretty solid ground in their reelection and election bids, respectively.  But a second survey now is showing the Democrats could be gaining among perspective voters.

Will the ACA ultimately impact Democrats in Michigan is reporting today that a survey by Lansing-based Marketing Resource Group shows the Governor still with a solid lead--nearly 47% to 39%--over Mark Schauer.  But that lead is down six points from a survey by the polling firm conducted last October.  Snyder's approval rating has also taken a dip.

14% surveyed remain undecided.

In the U. S. Senate race to replace Carl Levin, who is retiring at the end of the year, Republican Terri Lynn Land is still in the lead but by the slimmest of margins over Democrat U. S. Representative Gary Peters.

The survey, of 600 likely voters conducted from March 24-28, found the percentage at 40% to 38% favoring Land.  The percentage, though, is within the margin of error.

The report indicates the numbers of those identifying their political party breaks down like this:  31% Democrat, 28% Republican, 36.5% Independent, and 3% identified themselves as "other."

This latest survey falls in line with what others have come up with as well:  Snyder with a comfortable lead and Land and Peters neck-and-neck.

While Peters received a shout out from President Obama in Michigan on Wednesday, there is speculation that his support for the President and the unpopular Affordable Care Act could be problematic down the road.

"That could end up being an albatross around Peters' neck and any other Democrat in the state," said MRG President Tom Shields.

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