The students are back on Michigan State's campus, smells of pumpkin spice fill the air, and I'm starting to see way more sweatshirts and hoodies being worn. That can only mean one season is upon us!

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There are a few different ways you can enjoy a Michigan State Football game. For instance, from the comfort of your couch at home. Maybe you enjoy going out? You can always head to a tailgate or catch the game at a bar or party. However, if you have tickets to the game, it's a bit of a different experience.

Michigan State Football

You are right there, in the action. Chanting all the chants, screaming when the Green and White score a touchdown and just making a mad amount of noise when the other team has the ball. All that being said, you need fuel to keep you going, and now, there's a new option when it comes to yummy food available inside MSU's football stadium.

Welcome Saddleback BBQ to the lineup!

They made the announcement on their Facebook page on August 24th.

You'll be able to find Saddleback BBQ and all their deliciously smoked and grilled meats near the southeast corner by Gate B. They'll actually be set up next to another Lansing area restaurant; Grand Grillin'!

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I love that Michigan State football stadium is going to feature some local places and really share the love.

And I'll end with one more thought...

Go Green! Go White!

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