If you haven't noticed, many United States Postal Service buildings in Michigan are starting to replace the dropboxes outside of their buildings with new designs. But these designs are incredibly flawed, and what used to be a drive-up drop box has been replaced with something you can no longer reach from your car.

One example is the new drop box at the USPS located on Gull Rd. Driving up to it the other day I couldn't reach the slot where you insert mail. I had to hang halfway out my window to ALMOST reach the slot. Ultimately I had to get out of my car and put it in. But it's a drive-through setup, so I needed to pull forward, then get out to put it in.

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Mark Frankhouse TSM
Mark Frankhouse TSM

Is This A Violation of the ADA?

A lot of people discussing the same box in Ann Arbor are curious if this is a violation of the American Disabilities Act, as many Post Offices are implementing these:

All the local post offices have done this. They are also replacing the mailboxes with ones that have smaller slots with teeth so that mail can't be fished out. Mail theft is a growing problem and they are trying to combat it. Unfortunately, this is going to inconvenience people.

Someone already contacted our state government to issue a complaint:

I contacted Stabenow and Dingell yesterday. I think this violates the ADA. If someone uses a wheelchair and has to haul it out to get to the mailbox they may not be tall enough to reach and insert mail. Making the disabled go inside is also inconsiderate. Icy sidewalks are doubly dangerous.

Do you feel these are in violation, or just a major inconvenience?

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