There are always some new laws and regulations that take effect every new year and 2022 is no different. Financially, the one that will affect us all one way or another is the minimum wage has gone up. The new number is $9.87. That's 22 cents per hour more than last year. But as always, it seems like that will come with a catch, as some will raise their prices to pay for the increase.

Related to that minimum wage hike, hourly workers who work for tips will see their minimum wage go up to $3.75. That's an increase of 12 cents per hour.

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Extra Help

Also new this year is a law called "the No Surprises Act, which is supposed to protect us from unexpected medical bills. It requires insurance companies to cover even out-of-network expenses that can sneak up, especially in emergencies. It's a little confusing, so you may want to check with your HR department and see if they can explain its ramifications to you.

Another confusing change that has already occurred is a requirement for Michiganders to have not let their auto insurance lapsed after last Friday (the final day of 2021). The new rules will force you to pay a premium and/or higher rates for letting lapse last week.

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Two For One

A new law coming later this year will let Michigan drivers register their vehicles for two years rather than one. That takes effect in October of 2022.

Take A Hike Tax

And finally, it doesn't take effect until February 3rd, but Michigan's tampon tax has been repealed. It's one of few legislative bills that passed with bi-partisan support.

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