Sometimes you just want a club you can let loose for the night, drink, and dance your heart out...however, you also want to be safe doing so.

That's why this new nightclub, with plans to open in Lansing by Fall of 2022 is trying to change perceptions of one South Cedar St. location that seems to have a vendetta against nightclubs.

Remember Lansing's Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge?

With a (now shuttered) location at 6810 S. Cedar St. in Lansing, Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge struggled like other nightclubs that tried to make the space work did before them.

Image Courtesy of Google Street View / Canva
Image Courtesy of Google Street View / Canva

According to FOX 47, Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge opened in 2011 but closed in 2016 after a shooting injured three people and left the owner feeling tired of the violence that had plagued the place. Other nightclubs, "LA Globe", "The Venue Live" and "Level II" also had their fair of struggles with fights and shootings.

With four other nightclubs not being able to find a solution, is 2022 the time things change? One party promoter, Leo Brown, seems to think so.

Coming to Lansing Fall 2022: The Leo Mansion

Brown knows the ghosts of this locations past as well as the nightclub industry and is setting out to change its reputation with his "premiere nightclub" The Leo Mansion.

Looking at the plans, the building is definitely getting a more "glamorous" makeover.

Brown told FOX 47 the two levels of the 15,000 square feet of the space will feature meeting spaces, live music, comedy shows and your usual club atmosphere.


What's Getting Done Before Leo Mansion Joins Lansing Night Life Scene

Of course, there is still construction and renovations to be done first, which, in total Brown says the project will cost between $2 to $3 million which he is asking for financial help from the City of Lansing for.

"We’re going to try to bring as many people as we can throughout the city and the state. This is going to be the spot to be at," Brown told FOX 47.

He also said he is looking to hire 25 people to staff the club and is planning to offer some of those positions to ex-felons looking for a fresh start.

While there are great bars in the Lansing, Jackson, overall Mid-Michigan areas, there's not as many options when it comes to a safe nightclub to go have a worry-free night out at compared to areas like Grand Rapids and Detroit. We hope that Brown and the Leo Mansion can break this building's curse and be a bright spot in the community.

We'll keep track of the progress and see what's to come this fall.

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