Scams seem to be at an all time high here in Michigan, and there is a new one going around here in Michigan that you should be aware of.

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It involves fake job scams.

New Fake Job Scam Going Around Michigan

Scammers are getting craftier and craftier in the ever evolving digital age. Many are now using fake AI voices to scam people.

canva pro
canva pro

The new scam that is affecting Michigan revolves around scammers attempting to set up a job interview over email, on the phone, or through voice chat, and asking questions that would make you believe that you were actually in a job interview.

How Are The Scammers Finding Job Hunters?

Most of the scammers today are actually going out and finding your resumes on sites such as Indeed to attempt to scam you.

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canva pro

Not only are they heading to those websites, but they are actually grabbing information about you as well as some of your interests to better get your trust and scam you.

How To Avoid This Job Scam

In todays world, it is getting harder and harder to know what is legitmite and what is not. However, we do have some tips to hopefully help you avoid being scammed.

  • Do a background check on the company offering you the job
  • Utilize the website for validity
  • See if the email is legitimatize and connected to a company
  • Avoid giving personal information over the phone
  • Be wary of job offers you didn't apply to

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Expert Tips for Avoiding Online Shopping Scams

In order to avoid a scammer getting the better of you, check out the following red flags to look out for as well as preventative measures to take from Dr. Skiba, AKA Dr. Fraud himself:


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