One of the first decisions by newly elected and sworn in Democrat Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel was to protect what some would call a corrupt Michigan Judge.

A Michigan Livingston County District Judge, Theresa Brennan, concealed a relationship with a detective involved in a murder trial she presided over.

That hidden relationship was reported on last month after a retired judge William Giovan conducted an in-depth hearing on the evidence.  The retired judge determined that Judge Brennan was in violation of the state’s code of conduct for judges and campaign finance rules.

Michigan’s Judicial Tenure Commission brought the misconduct complaint against Judge Brennan.  Retired Judge Giovan determined that Judge Brennan’s concealment of the relationship was a “gross misconduct.”

The Livingston Daily Press & Argus reported that Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel last Friday declined a last-minute plea to charge the Livingston County District Court Judge Theresa Brennan with crimes involving concealing the relationship,

Attorney Tom Kizer, who represented Brennan’s husband in their divorce stated that:

People such as Judge Brennan and Det. Furlong with powerful positions and/or connections should not get a free pass…the evidence is overwhelming.

Why would Michigan AG Nessel not want to press charges and let the process play out?

Who now can go in front of this Judge and feel that she would be giving them a fair hearing, what might she be hiding?

You can bet you or I would have had charges brought against us for concealing something so important in a trial we were involved in.

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