The National Weather Service is predicting that the Lansing area will see several inches of snow Friday night into Saturday. The forecast says that we'll most likely see about 4 inches of snow on Friday night and then an additional 2 inches of snow on Saturday. For Michigan, in January, that's pretty normal. However, the National Weather Service says that it's the type of snow that we'll see this weekend that is cause for concern.

The snow that we can expect this weekend will contain a lot of water which will make it quite heavy when shoveling. The National Weather Service says that the total water in the fallen snow "could weigh about 4 pounds per square foot" and they refer to it as a "heart attack snow" because of the dangers associated with shoveling the heavier snow.

Be very careful if you plan on shoveling this weekend and if you have a snow thrower, please help out your neighbors that might not have one. Click here to see the forecast from the National Weather Service.

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