Nate Silver and his 538 blog at one time put Hillary’s chance of winning the White House at better than 90%. Boy does that seem like a long time ago. I have been saying since September 16th that Donald Trump would likely win if the election were being held right now. In fact I specifically said he would win 275 electoral votes. The truth is Trump has capitalized on bringing the base together and pulling ahead in key swing states too.

Right now Trump is ahead of Clinton in the key battleground states of Florida, Ohio, Nevada, North Carolina and Iowa. He is also leading in a couple of places that have caught people by surprise including Colorado. I said earlier today that the race would lean Trumps way and he would put at least 275 electoral votes on the board and win the White House.

It seems I was a guy ahead of my time. Now Nate Silver and his increasingly famous 538 blog agree with me. In fact Silver says Trump would get just over 275 electoral votes. I am not sure how he reaches that conclusion as Electoral votes cannot be split but so it is.

If the election were held right now Silver says Trump would have the advantage to win the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Silver gives Trump just over a 50% chance on winning- and Hillary Clinton just under 50%. What a race it is.

Remember, I am no Nate Silver. No, it appears I see the trends before he does and called it right.

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