We hear from the Speaker of the House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, that walls are “immoral”.

Ok if you believe that Speaker Pelosi then why do you have a wall around you mansion in California?

The Daily Caller is informing us about a “Right-wing” activist by the name of Laura Loomer outside of Speaker Pelosi’s wall around her mansion and her attempt to demand access into Speaker Pelosi’s home, just like American is our home.

Ms. Loomer was joined by what is described as a small group of illegal immigrants from Guatemala.  It is being reported that they carried a large banner with faces of “notable” Americans who have been killed by illegal immigrants over the last several years.

Speaker Pelosi has been telling the press that Republican demands for a border wall to secure our southern border and our home is an:

act of desperation

Really Speaker Pelosi, then I have one question for you.

Is the wall that you and your husband have around your California mansion an “act of desperation”?

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