Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Trump could not come to an agreement for the 2nd COVID-19 stimulus package.  President Trump and Mitch wanted the bailout to be approximately $1 trillion dollars and Nancy wanted $3.4 trillion dollars.

We could get into the weeds on who wants to fund and not fund certain items or who is attempting to bail out the cities, bureaucracy and unions from their liberal mismanagement but that is for another day.

The Republicans asked Pelosi to separate the additional unemployment payments President Trump wanted to give to the unemployed but she refused to do so.  That left the unemployed with no additional help during this government-induced economic shutdown.  President Trump had no other option then to do it on his own.  So he did what he could and gave the states an additional $300-per-week per unemployed, asking the states to pitch in an additional $100 a week.  Michigan’s Governor Whitmer, who states she cares about the people, declined to add an additional $100 a week for Michigan’s unemployed.  Remember actions speak volumes and words mean very little.

Now MLive is reporting that the $300-per-week in President Trump’s additional unemployment payments to Michigan’s unemployed might last less than a month.  It appears the help could have lasted a bit longer when we find out that Michigan received $935 million dollars to give to our unemployed and that program allows states to keep up to 5% for administrative costs.  In Michigan, those administrative costs would amount to approximately $46 million dollars.

Did Whitmer take the $46 million to pay for something we already have in place, that being our unemployment system?  We do not know she is refusing to answer any questions concerning those millions.  That could be another $46 million dollars that could have gone to Michigan’s unemployed instead of the coffers of Michigan's government.

Nancy needs to leave the shutdown hair salon in San Francisco where she received her illegal cut and shampoo and get back to Washington and work out a deal for at least the additional unemployment benefits if she and her party really cares about the people.

Or is she using these unemployed lives as pawns in her political games for more power?

You decide.


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