Getty Images By Dan Kitwood

I have been telling you for quite some time that the democrats/liberals really do not think that highly of woman.  Now they have offered up to me another example to prove my point to all of you.

At the last Republican debate Donald Trump made the following statement "Islam treats women horribly."

Well the main stream media could not let that stand so the AP did a fact check and came up with the following conclusion:

"Some Muslim societies are indeed repressive by Western standards, enforcing or pressing for norms such as clothing that covers all but their eyes or faces; bans on driving, voting and education; and restrictions on interacting with the other sex. But many Muslim women adhere to Islamic norms not out of fear or repression, but in observance of faith and their own preference."

Now can anyone believe that a women would chose to cover their entire body except their eyes, not want to drive, vote, and become educated unless they have been indoctrinated with these thoughts by men?  The democrats want us to believe that woman want this because they want to be observant to their faith.

The woman in many of the Muslim countries “adhere” to these “Islamic norms” out of fear of what they men and their “government” might do to them.

This is how much the democrats and their press believe in woman and equal rights for them.  You do not hear his from the "conservative" press do you?

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