A couple of summers ago I got stung by a wasp while we were power-washing our deck. It stung me in the hand right between my thumb and index finger and it was some of the worst pain I've ever felt. (And I consider myself to be pretty tough.) So, just like probably everyone else, I wasn't too happy when I saw the news that we had some 'murder hornets' showing up now in the United States. And why exactly are they called 'murder hornets'? Well, according to a report from CNN, it's because their sting is so strong that it can actually kill humans if they get stung multiple times.

Here's a report from CBS News that includes more pictures. (That way you're sure to have bad dreams about the 'murder hornets'.)

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Here's another video from ABC News with even more pictures that'll frighten you.

And just as the saying goes..."pictures or it didn't happen"...here's a picture of my hand after I got stung.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie McCoy
Photo courtesy of Stephanie McCoy

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