If this football game between Michigan State and Michigan works out the way everyone is hoping it will, both teams should be undefeated by the time this huge rivalry game gets underway Oct. 30 at Spartan Stadium with kickoff at noon.

Michigan has to get through their next game this Saturday against Northwestern. If they can do just that, the stage is set for the most exciting college football game of 2021 at MSU.

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Come Oct. 30th, you have to know that Spartan Stadium will be in an uproar with thousands of Spartan fans and thousands of Michigan fans ready for the ultimate battle on the playing field.

According to the Detroit Free Press:

If Michigan beats Northwestern on Saturday at Michigan Stadium, both the No. 6 Wolverines and No. 7 Spartans will be 7-0 and 4-0 in the conference, the only remaining unbeatens in the Big Ten, after Purdue upset Iowa last week.

So when was the last time the Spartans and Wolverines battled it out on the football field? The last time they played each other was in 2018 and that game was won by Michigan.

No matter what happens this college football season, it's great that the MSU Spartans are holding on to a 7-0 record so far in 2021. If we defeat Michigan on Oct. 30, that obviously would make it 8 wins in a row.

Come game day, one of our Michigan teams will win and one of them with score their first loss. Either way it goes, its been a great season so far for both teams.

The Detroit Free Press adds:

The last time each team was undefeated coming into this game was 2010, when both were 5-0. No. 17 MSU beat No. 18 Michigan that day in Ann Arbor, 34-17, behind Kirk Cousins and Edwin Baker, and a defense that picked of Denard Robinson three times.

My wife and I love watching the Spartans play football on our huge flat screen TV. There's nothing better than watching all the replays and everything up close when it comes to MSU football, especially MSU against U of M. GO GREEN!

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