A 23 year old from Belmont could be spending some time in jail for his part in the melee in East Lansing after the Spartan Football Big Ten Championship game in December. 

MSU Student Convicted for Part in MSU Melee Thanks to Photographic Evidence

Jarod Scott Dubay, seen in the middle of this photograph,  was convicted Wednesday on two counts of disorderly conduct--assembling to riot and remaining within 300 feet of a fire.

His conviction is being applauded by those with the East Lansing Police Department.  "It sends a clear and consistent message that this conduct is criminal, unacceptable and will not be tolerated in this community," said Detective Sargeant Andrew Bouck.

Dubay's sentencing date has not yet been set.  Some other students either pleaded guilty or agreed to leave school as their sentence.

Meanwhile, efforts are underway to try to change the fire ordinance in the city saying some may be in violation of the 300-foot rule and not even know it.

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