MSU is now actively working with students to help them market themselves.

This is a great idea and should help all of the athletes at Michigan State University. The new EverGreen program at MSU is designed to help student-athletes market their name, image, and likeness to help maximize their earning potential.

Our goal is to provide our student-athletes the tools for success — on the field of competition, inside the classroom and beyond MSU...Name, image and likeness legislation will offer new opportunities for our student-athletes and EverGreen will prepare and position them for these changes. As we looked at designing our NIL program, we recognized that not only did we have a responsibility to help student-athletes build their brand, but it was also imperative that we provide the education and training so they can capitalize on these opportunities while also navigating this new landscape...said Michigan State Vice President and Director of Athletics Bill Beekman.

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To make this program possible, Michigan State University has partnered with INFLCR, Anomaly Sports Group, and TeamAltemus. Through this program, Spartan student-athletes will be able to build their brand through the distribution of images directly to the student-athletes. The program will also help those students track all Name Image Likeness deals and remain compliant with NCAA and state legislation.

I really hope this helps all the student-athletes at MSU stand out among the rest. Having the school back them in getting their name out there is awesome and should be done at all the universities in the state. This could really help the students get more longevity out of their athletic career.

Source: Michigan State University Athletics Department

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