Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers is stepping away from politics at the end of this session in January. He is headed for a posh job as a radio announcer on scores of stations around the country- oh wait hold on- now we learn he isn’t going to do the 3 hour daily program but rather a couple two minute updates. Quite a change I’d say and if you had other thoughts in your head it sure would be easier to step away from a couple updates. Hmmmmmm.

Yes that changes everything! Rogers a former FBI man and Chairman of the powerful House Intelligence Committee is well versed in the complex issues of terrorism, foreign affairs and of course security here at home.

This leaves just one question; is Mike Rogers preparing to run for President? What other conclusion can you draw from his recent maneuvers? Add to this that he and his advisors have very close ties to Mitt Romneys Presidential election machine and it becomes even more intriguing.

Just remember you heard it here first.