At the end of a long day, do you ever just reach for something sweet or salty? Maybe something high in calories? Or maybe even a cigarette to take the edge off the day? It's not uncommon to have a little something to make a bad day seem a little better.

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We all do it every now and then. After a long day, sometimes healthy alternatives aren't as appealing. But, one Michigan city in particular ranks higher in the unhealthy rate than others do.

This Most Unhealthy Michigan City

Grab the apple, it should keep the doctor away, and get ready to see if you live in the most unhealthy city in Michigan.

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash
Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash


The factors were compiled by 24/7 Tempo on things such as smoking, as well as low or poor health rates. Over 384 metros were looked at and according to the list, Flint Michigan is one of the most unhealthy here in the state.

Photo by Bruno Guerrero on Unsplash
Photo by Bruno Guerrero on Unsplash

While I can't imagine the water crisis earlier in 2014 played a huge role into why Flint landed where it did in this list, I can't imagine it also doesn't.

Of course, the list was based upon many different factors, and smoking and quality of life, as well as length of life, were all considered while compiling this list.

Do you live in the city of Flint and find this to be a fair analysis of your home?

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