It's hard to believe that thousands and thousands of vehicles are stolen in the United States every single year.

I've been driving cars since I was 16 years old and happy to say that none of my cars have ever been stolen and I'm very grateful for that.

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But for so many others that's simply not the case. There was a dramatic increase in auto thefts in 2020 partly due to the pandemic.

According to

The Ford and Chevrolet models of full-size pick-up trucks were the most targeted by thieves last year, according to NICB's annual Hot Wheels report identifying the top 10 most stolen vehicles in the United States in 2020. Dodge's and GMC's full-size pick-ups were also in the top 10. The other six were Japanese models, including sedans.

The number one most stolen vehicle in the U.S. is the Ford full-size pick up. We're talking about 44,014 thefts.

The number two most stolen vehicle adding up to 40,968 thefts is the Chevrolet full-size pick-up.

And number 3 on the list is Honda Civic with 34,144 thefts in the United States.

The NICB recommends steps to prevent vehicle theft courtesy of

1. Common Sense. Make sure you remove your keys, lock all the doors and park in a well lit area.

2. Warning devices. You can get all kinds of locks and alarms for your vehicle including steering wheel and brake pedal locks. You can also buy one of those steering column locks as well.

3. Immobilizing devices. This includes smart keys, kill switches and even wireless ignition authentication

All of the above are very important steps you can follow to help prevent vehicle theft in the United States.

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