Were you under the impression that when this whole "Stay Home, Stay Safe" thing was getting under way during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic that you were going to be able to work at home and get a ton of work accomplished? And, not only that while you were getting a ton of work done at home, you were going to be able to get a bunch of those household chores done that have been nagging at you for all these years because, why? You were going to be home, have so much more time and you were going to be a multi-tasking juggernaut...And now you realize that just ain't happening.

First, allow me to submit that multi-tasking is a myth. And that's not because I say so. It's because people with a lot more brain cells than me say so, like the folks at Psychology Today. I'm not going to argue with them. It's like when my wife and I are in the car and she cries foul when she doesn't believe our navigation system is leading us in the right direction. I always say, "Honey, who are we to disagree with all of the NASA scientists who developed this?". That usually goes over well...

But I digress...Where was I? Oh, yes...

According to Forbes (which backs up what I already thought) we are now spending so much more time at home on what were simple, common everyday tasks of yore (that means just a few weeks ago) that all of our time is being consumed.

Like what was once a quick face-to-face at work is now a meeting over the internet where some people still haven't mastered the technology. Okay, sometimes I might be looking in the mirror on that one, but even going to the grocery, getting mail, to now maybe having to be teacher, entertainment director and more, well...it gobbles up a lot of time.

So, now after living through all of this and much more maybe you've come to the conclusion that you can't wait to get back to work and listen to that one guy's constant complaining, that other colleagues loud chewing in the next cubicle, and that other dude and his constant sports analogies and Dad jokes (looking in the mirror again here...).

YES!!! You miss working...at work!!! And that's okay! Get more here on the fallacy of more time during quarantine from Forbes magazine.

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