A new study finds more than ever are deciding to wait longer before retiring. The research was done by CareerBuilder and it found the reasons were wide and varied. Over 400 full time workers over 60 years old were questioned and 58% said they plan to keep on working.

Nearly 80% said they still need the regular income a full time job provides.  About 60% said benefits like health care are important. Most said they enjoy what they do and like where they work. In addition many said if they did stop working they'd be concerned they may not have enough to do to keep them busy. The survey also found many of those who have kids living at home said money is crucial to be able to pay the bills.

More Seniors Opt to Keep on Working - Photo by Getty Images

There are some who figure to stay at it as long as they can. About 7% of men and 18% of women say they'll never be able to retire.