I'm going to go ahead right now and tell you something that really you may already know about me. Especially if we've met before and you've gotten a semi-good look at me.

I would rather walk over 50 yards of hot coals than to go shopping for clothes.

One of the most painful things for me is looking for clothes, trying them on, walking out and being given the thumbs up or down, and provided most of the thumbs are pointing down, having to go through the whole process over again. Select and try on, select and try on. So, like I said I'm not the guy who you are going to ask what the popular fashions are, ever. I just want to run in, get a few items quickly, and leave.


Anytime I can get away with a pair of jeans at any function, I lean towards that. Jeans are easy. They go with just about anything these days and they are easy to shop for. You know what kind you wear and your size. You run into the store, grab a pair and not try them on, and run out of the store.

Check that. You pay for them and then run out of the store. That paying thing is important.

The thoughts of shopping for clothes always takes me back to being a young kid and having to go shop for clothes for the new school year. And one of the places that was a definite stop on the "Tyler & His Mom Are Going To Argue Today Train" would inevitably be the huge department store that was JC Penney. Growing up it seemed that JC Penney had everything for a young man to wear back to school.

And it seemed like I had to try everything on. That really wasn't the case, but it felt like it. After awhile you'd agree to wear just about anything so you could get out of the store. Painful, Mom...just painful.

All of that being said, JC Penney was a go-to for a lot of families, even mine for various items over the years. So it's sad to see more of them closing because of their bankruptcy plan, with 7 of those stores closing in Michigan, including the Meridian Mall location according to MLive.

Get more information about the JC Penney closings here from MLive.

I wonder these days especially during COVID-19 what "back to school" clothes shopping is like. But I feel pretty confident that whether it's online or at a store somewhere, you gotta believe there's a kid who wants to be somewhere else, and a parent who no doubt is shaking their head and rolling their eyes.

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