There are five more restaurants temporarily losing their liquor licenses for allowing people to drink alcohol in their establishment ignoring Michigan's in-person dining ban. There have so far been a total of 26 liquor license suspensions since September after violating the Covid-19 Pandemic orders, which is now extended until January 15. In person dining and groups of people along with employees and customers not being required to wear masks. Zoom hearings will be held for these businesses to figure out if the suspension should continue and if fines should be enforced. The MLCC also says these violators risk getting their license revoked. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services says members of the public can report any venues with liquor licenses violating the orders by calling 866-893-2121.
MLive reports:

“These prohibited gatherings held without requiring patrons to wear face masks pose an immediate threat to the health, safety, and welfare of the public,” said a Michigan State Police news release announcing the suspensions. “Allowing this activity to continue could create additional outbreaks of COVID-19.” There were 65 active Michigan COVID-19 outbreaks tied to restaurants and bars at the start of November’s dine-in ban. There are now 22 active restaurant and bar outbreaks – and the spread is limited to employees and not customers in 21 of those 22 cases, per state data.

Here are the five businesses that received the most recent suspensions of their liquor license:
Oak Café - Wyandotte

Tenacity Brewing - Flint

J. Knapp’s - Richmond

Limelight Pizza Kitchen Grill & Bar - Warren

Fast Eddie’s Bar & Grill - Mount Clemens 
You can click on the name of the business to see the actual Emergency Suspension order issued to them. The State of Michigan is actively enforcing these orders to save lives in our state. It’s imperative that we flatten the curve or many more deaths will occur.

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