Testimony continues today in the trial of the man believed to be the person who terrorized motorists along the I-96 corridor more than a year ago.

44 year old Raulie Casteel is believed responsible for two dozen shootings along the route that spanned four counties--Ingham, Livingston, Oakland and Shiawassee.  One motorist sustained injury.  The rest suffered property damage.

Evidence allegedly includes bullet fragments traced back to Casteel's weapon from several of the shootings that occured during a two-week span in October, 2012.  He was arrested the following month following a massive investigation by a taskforce comprised of local, state and federal officials.

While Casteel, an unemployed geologist from Wixom, is set to take the stand in his own defense, that is not likely to occur until week's end at the earliest.  Testimony today will focus on more of the victims.

If convicted of the charges, which include terrorism and assault with intent to commit murder, Casteel could face life in prison.