General Motors new CEO promised members of Congress she would work quickly to determine what went wrong at the automaker that led to massive recalls and even deaths related to equipment failures.  Now, it looks like the first of those actions has begun.

Two placed on lead and a safety program announced at GM

The Detroit News is reporting  that Mary Barra announced today that two company engineers have been placed on paid leave while the investigation continues into who knew what about the problems and when they knew it

"This is an interim step as we seek the truth about what happened," Barra said, according to a company statement.  "It was a difficult decision, but I believe it is best for GM."

Barra was grilled on Capitol Hill last week about when she learned of the problems with ignition switches and other issues that have led to more than 6 million recalls just since February of this year.

Some members even questioned how Barra herself couldn't have known sooner.  Others, claiming a cover-up, called for criminal prosecution of those involved.

Barra held a townhall-type meeting with employees last night to announce a new campaign.   It's called the Speak Up for Safety Campaign and is an internal program to allow those with questions or concerns about safety of vehicles to voice their opinions.

"The cmapaign is intended to remove perceived and real barriers to candid conversations between employees and their leaders as a step to foster a 'safety first' culture," Barra said.

The report indicates more details will be released in the next month.

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