The Michigan Chamber of Commerce today issued a statement today that is like the canary keeling over in the salt mine. It seems the Chamber is so underwhelmed by it all that it can neither endorse nor oppose the initiative.

Proposal 1 asks Michigan voters to approve an increase in the sales tax from 6% to 7% under the guise of finally improving Michigan’s roads and infrastructure. The problem is too many folks here just aren’t buying it. I guess if politicians are unable to level with people too often- after a while they just stop believing you.

The chamber issued a statement that read in part:

“First, we want to emphasize that Michigan Chamber members and staff are very supportive of Governor Rick Snyder. We appreciate the Administration’s many accomplishments and commend the Governor for his leadership in the effort to fix the roads.”

“Second, after careful consideration, the Michigan Chamber has concluded there is not a consensus within our membership to either support or oppose the May 5th ballot proposal. Therefore, the Michigan Chamber will not take a position for or against Proposal 1. Between now and May 5, the Chamber will focus our efforts on educating and informing Chamber members about the proposal.”

I’ve said it many times that this proposal has little or no chance of passing- today I am downgrading that to a certain fail on May 5th. Nobody it seems is lining up behind this plan.

Somebody better find a Plan B and very soon.