Michael Moore the obnoxious bloviating porcine spectacle of hyperventilating hypocrisy has sunk to an all new low. That in itself is hard to fathom but it is nevertheless true. The Michigan native and maker of make believe ‘documentaries’ had the audacity this past weekend to insult Chris Kyle of American Sniper fame- and all US military sharpshooters for that matter. By extension I would say in fact Moore insulted all members of the US military with his reckless statements.

Moore in an obvious reference to the late Kyle, the subject of Clint Eastwood’s critically acclaimed and box office smash hit, American Sniper- called snipers cowards. Really?

I can only ask the obvious and rhetorical question; have you no shame Mr. Moore. It is clearly rhetorical, I mean he must have a mirror right? Moore has once again proven he is so much less!

Chris Kyle put his life on the line for the likes of Moore and his ilk. Because of his character Kyle would do it again. That’s what genuine Americans are all about. Michael Moore should give that some thought- with his mouth shut!