Moe Vela is on the board of Directors for Transparent Business. He is a lawyer, government advisor, and Hispanic leader, named by the National Journal as one of the 100 top Hispanics and 300 top decision makers in the United States. He is the first Hispanic to serve in two senior executive roles in the White House, first during the Clinton Administration as Chief Financial Officer and Senior Advisor on Latino Affairs in the Office of Vice President Al Gore, and later during the Obama Administration as Director of Administration for Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States.


Analysis on Biden's Rise in Polls,Impeachment Hearings,&impact of Bloomberg's History as Mayor


Steve Gruber: Moe Welcome to the program.

Moe Vela: Thank you Steve and good morning. I apologize to you and your listeners if there is background noise. I am at the Boston airport

Steve Gruber: Well that's okay. Is it snowing

Moe Vela: It is snowing. It is actually quite beautiful to watch the trucks running around, trying to clear the runway and get the tarmac ready

Steve Gruber: Well there ya go we will do our best here. No big deal. Let's talk about your former boss, the guy you used to work for, Joe Biden. Still leading in the polls nationally, not doing well in Iowa or New Hampshire. Says "that doesn't matter". Coming through as a more moderate voice through in a year that has produced, I think its fair to say some very left wing Ideas. That aren't selling well in places like Iowa and New Hampshire. I would think that the Vice President, former Vice President, would do well there. But he is lagging behind, Whats going on?

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