A good guage of how the economy is going is job growth.  But a new report indicates while companies are feeling better about the future that is not translating into more jobs being created.

The survey by the National Association for Business Economics found 40-percent of those responding said they saw stronger sales in the final months of 2013, but only a little more than a third planned to take that added revenue and hire more workers in the next six months.

Many cited uncertainly about the economy and the Obama Administration's mandate on health care as the reasons they plan to hold back on adding more workers until at least the third quarter of the year.

While residents may or may not find employment with these companies in the coming months and years, one thing is for sure.  They're probably going to be paying more for services in the future.  The survey also found that 4 in 10  U.S. businesses plan to raise prices in the coming year by at least 5%.