Michigan native Mitt Romney is back in the state.  He's set to headline a rally today in support of Republicans in Michigan.   But while "most" of those at the top of the ticket will be there, one big name will be missing.

Romney in Michigan campaigning. Governor Snyder to be absent

The "Com-MITT to the Comeback" rally is set for 11:30 at Laurel Manor in Livonia.   It is open to the public for those who RSVP prior. Among those to share the stage will be U. S. Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land, Attorney General Bill Schuette, Secretary of State Ruth Johnson and Lt. Governor Brian Calley.

Governor Snyder will "not" be in attendance.  He says he will do his "connecting with the public" later in the day at the second of his scheduled town hall-style events in Sterling Heights.

Democrats will likely be on hand at both events.

For Romney, they'll be protesting the visit to show opposition to the former Massachusetts Governor's stand against the auto bailout.  Romney said he supported allowing the automakers to go through a structured bankruptcy.  He was against using taxpayer money to bail them out.   Those who accepted the bailout went through bankruptcy anyway.

Romney will also likely get more calls for him to run for president yet again.  He has said, though, it is not in his plans and that former running mate Paul Ryan is a better candidate.

Polls have show Romney outdistancing all other GOP candidates, including party favorites Chris Christie and Jeb Bush.

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