Ty Wright - Getty Images

I am here to call bull on Rowan County Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis and her near miraculous, yet oh so predictable conversion from lifelong Democrat to newly minted Republican.

Davis spent five days in jail earlier this month after refusing to sign marriage licenses for gay couples. The uproar spread across the nation like wild fire with liberal commentators going wild and attacking Davis for her backwoods Christian beliefs. Davis was made a mockery up until GOP Presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz came to her side in defense.

I suggested at the time and still believe she should have been in jail for refusing to the do the job she was elected to do. She was not elected to her churches Bible study team. No, she was elected to do the work of local government. And guess what, you don’t get to pick and choose which laws you want to uphold. That kind of discrimination is reserved for the likes of Barack Obama. What if she were a Quaker and refused to issue concealed weapons permits on the basis that her faith made her a pacifist and therefore she just could not comply with supporting guns. That sure would have made folks on the right go bananas huh?

Anyway, I know a clear set-up when I see one. This move to suddenly become a Republican sounds like just another well orchestrated maneuver to embarrass the GOP. This doesn’t even pass the stink test for me.

Davis claimed the move was legitimate in saying, "My husband and I had talked about it for quite a while and we came to the conclusion that the Democratic Party left us a long time ago, so why were we hanging on?" Davis made those comments to Reuters in Washington, where she was attending the Values Voter Summit hosted by the Family Research Council.

Much was made about the fact that Davis was a registered Democrat earlier this month, at the height of the national discussion about religious freedom Davis stirred. That, some political observers said, was an effort by conservative Republicans to point out the hypocrisy within the Democratic Party.

In fact it may well have been a very well played ploy by the Democrats to hang Davis around the necks of Republicans. I for one am not buying it. It just doesn’t smell right.