I know a lot of college kids are lacking in basic knowledge and skills but a march on Thursday really underscored the ignorance of so many. Gatherings at a smattering of college campuses across the nation was dubbed The Million Student March but it only attracted a few hundred and I am being generous with that number. In Boston for example at Northeastern University, a whopping 50 kids turned out demanding free college. Yep fifty, which is sorta like a million only not at all.

I’m thinking if they can only muster a few hundred students at best around the country and then call it a million student march I’m thinking we should be demanding back every cent any of these mental midgets were given by the taxpayers. I mean basic math is still a requirement of graduation I’m guessing.

One poor college kid put it this way "I want to graduate without debt," said Ashley Allison, a 22-year-old student at Boston's Bunker Hill Community College, at the Northeastern rally. "Community college has been kind to me but if I want to go on, I have to take on debt." Yeah Ashley, that’s the way it works.

But if the left has it’s bleeding heart dead set on making college free for everyone, I’ve got a better idea.

Let’s pay back every single person in the country that already has a college degree, with interest. I think we should start with the oldest among us. You know the people that went to college decades ago, worked their asses off got a degree and then worked their asses off again creating businesses, and offering new ideas and building this wonderful country. Lets not forget it was their hard work and more importantly their taxes all the young people think they are entitled to.

So lets make college free but lets start with the oldest debts first and work our way back to the snot nosed, demanding, self entitled little a-holes that have grown into self righteous, self important narcissistic pigs.

I guess maybe after these brats pay taxes for a few years they can make some demands. As for the mentally ill like Bernie Sanders- well lets just get him some medication for his delusional ideas.

Afterall the old Marxist has no idea how to pay for all the free things he is offering to everyone under the sun. Sander’s Marxist Utopia wish list will cost an estimated $2 Trillion dollars and he has not one scrap of an idea how to come up with the money to cover the bill- well unless you actually consider ‘rich people need to pay their fair share’ a strategy of some kind.

We keep hearing about how college kids are going to rise up and demand changes. Well, I got news kids- the old folks you are demanding pay your way and cover your bills have been working and living in the real world, for a long time, something that would be very beneficial to most of you. As a result I think you will be surprised when push comes to shove how well prepared the people are with callous on their hands. You will be shocked that your whining stories of hardship are met with cold stares and serious people who are no longer interested in hearing about how you are victims.

Oh, and while I’m at it let me throw in one more thing; If you didn’t know, Payton Head, a gay black man, is the President of the University of Missouri student body. A gay black man! And this is the place we are told, that is over run by rampant intolerance and racism. Well, I'm sorry but may I please take a moment and call bullshit on this one? This, by the way, is the kind of radical thinking that earns me insults each day- but go ahead, you do the math.

In the end kids be careful, you are wishing for a revolution, and you just might get what you wish for. It won’t be anything like you imagined however I’m sorry to say. Polite people and good people have just about had their fill. The anger is building and the blowback is coming.

Kids- you have been warned.

Stand Up America!