Are you looking for a sweet treat around the Lansing area that is as tasty as it is cute? Well macarons may be the way to go!

Maybe it's the fact they are delicious, I'm a bit "bougee" or just watched way too much "Gossip Girl" but in recent years I have had an ever-increasing love for macarons and figured I can not be the only one fascinated by these tasty little treats.

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To Start, What is a Macaron and How are They Made?

For those who are into French pastries, you probably already know what they are, but for those who don't Food Network shares they are French cookies made with almond flour and meringue.

When the cookie part is baked, it gets a bit of a crispy, outer shell but are soft once you break through. Two cookie parts are then sandwiched together using a filling that can vary from buttercream frosting to chocolate to fruit jam.

"There isn’t a definite consensus on the history of the macaron, but most people think Catherine di Medici brought them to France from Italy when she married Henri II in the 1500’s..." says Food Network. "French pastry chefs changed them over the years until they became what they are today: an elegant, colorful treat available everywhere."

They sound easy enough, but they are a bit more challenging to master:

The Difference Between Macarons and Macaroons

Besides the pronunciation, there are also a few other key differences between the two treats that are often mistaken for each other.

The cute, colorful French cookies are pronounced "mac-ah-ron, where ron rhymes with gone," says Food Network. 

Now macaroons, per Food Network are pronounced "mac-uh-roon, where roon rhymes with moon." These treats' main ingredients are shredded coconut, whipped egg whites and sugar.

"Macaroons are larger, denser and chewier that macarons, and definitely easier to make," says Food Network. "Coconut macaroons are flavored with sugar and vanilla, but their main flavor is the coconut itself...Some macaroons are also drizzled, glazed or dipped in chocolate."


While I, a macaron lover, pronounce it the same as its coconutty counterpart, it can get confusing if you say your order incorrectly at a bakery that makes both!

Where to Get Macarons in the Lansing, Michigan Area

I was so excited when I found my personal favorite spot for macarons when I moved back to my hometown of Jackson, Michigan but also working in Lansing, I wanted to find all the macarons I could within an hour of home!

Where to Find Marvelous Macarons Around Mid-Michigan

Macarons are a deliciously adorable French confection that take a certain level of expertise to make but these Mid-Michigan spots have truly mastered it! Here's where you can get your fix:

Did we miss any? Where is your go-to bakery for macarons?

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