Michigan's Tiniest Chapel? Could be. Our state does have a handful of small chapels, but this may be the topper.....and it's usable.

Nine miles southeast of Reed City and 12 miles northeast of Big Rapids sits the Rimwood Chapel in Osceola County.

Gary Lenon built this chapel as a surprise for his wife, Claudia. She had asked him to build her a bench in a quiet wooded spot behind their house as a peaceful place to meditate.

Gary went one better, and in 2014 he built a 6x8-foot miniscule chapel, which can only accommodate three people.

If you take a drive there, you'll see a sign along the road welcoming you to Rimwood Chapel (photo below). There is parking space, mostly used by the curious who seek out odd Michigan roadside attractions.

What's inside? One pew, one pulpit, and a few decorations. Make sure you sign the guest book when you visit.

The chapel is 6-feet by 8-feet. Lenon said it is the smallest usable chapel in the state and perhaps far beyond. The only usable chapel Lenon has discovered that would rival Rimwood is a chapel in the Caribbean that has the same dimensions.

It's open to the public and is located at 23981 160th Avenue in Hersey.


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