Jill Stein has been called a few colorful things along the way but the rhetoric aimed at the failed Green Party Presidential candidate has been escalating ever since she mounted a recount effort in three states. Even though Stein only got about one percent of the vote she has forced Wisconsin and Michigan to begin the recount process. In Wisconsin the bill is expected to be about $4 million dollars. The bill in Michigan is expected to be much higher but the taxpayers will get stuck with the vast majority of the cost in the Great Lakes State.

I have been calling Stein a Straw Man making a straw purchase from the beginning. It is pretty clear Stein’s effort is on behalf of the failed Hillary Clinton campaign. I mean after all in Michigan it is Mark Brewer the former Democratic State Chair that is Stein’s lawyer. I mean how much more obvious could it be?

Today however during a hearing before the Michigan Court of Appeals the presiding Judge Peter O’Connell spoke harshly directly at Brewer and issued this strong rebuke of his behavior and Stein’s intentions, “There’s an allegation that I think should come out that she’s a stalking horse for a candidate who didn’t win.” O’Connell’s comments were clear that he thinks Stein is acting on behalf of Hillary Clinton who conceded the election to Donald Trump early on November 9th after it became clear the Trump was on his way to winning the Presidency.

The Michigan Appeals Court agreed that the recount should be stopped and issued that order but put it in abeyance. Simply put they agreed that Jill Stein has no right to pull this stunt but they have no way to over rule the Federal Court Judge who ordered it to begin in the first place. And shortly after the ruling the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the decision by US District Judge Mark Goldsmith.

So the recount continues, despite the fact that nobody believes Stein should be able to hold four and a half million Michigan voters hostage to her narcissistic whims and demands. The Michigan taxpayers are going to get fleeced at least $5 Million dollars and the Federal Courts are all saying it is just fine.

This is why Donald Trump won in the first place. There simply isn’t any common sense left in this country. Wrong is right, right is wrong, truth is lies, lies are truth, up is down, out is in, blue is black and the stalking horse rides on for the headless ghost campaign of Hillary Clinton.

I look forward to Donald Trump winning again but more importantly I want you all to pay very close attention and remember this clearly when Election Day 2018 rolls along. Remember how the left didn’t care about you or your vote. Even after losing they still thought they knew what was best for you.

They are trying to steal this election in broad daylight right out in front of God and everybody!

In Wisconsin however the votes are rolling in and Donald Trumps lead is growing in the Badger State. And though its just over 100 votes it is symbolic of what is really going on. Jill Stein is wasting our time and our hard earned money to feed her own ego, fill her coffers and work really hard to see if she can pull a miracle for Hillary Clinton.

In Pennsylvania a Federal Judge there has delayed any hearing until Friday. Friday is the 9th of December and that means that recounting Pennsylvania will simply not be possible in three days time. That is if he orders anything to happen at all. However if the judge delays his ruling until after December 13, 2016 I believe it will become a moot point. The 13th is the deadline we keep hearing for all counting to be complete under Federal Law but I have learned nothing seems to be written in stone around here.

Right now it is safe to say nothing is certain and nobody knows how this whole mess will come to an end.

Michigan will continue to count and at this point they had better keep doing that because anything less could mean our 16 Electoral Votes will never get counted. If Pennsylvania ends up in the same position that would mean another 20 Electoral Votes are not counted. If Wisconsin does finish on time that would mean Donald Trump would have exactly 270 Electoral Votes, the bare minimum required to win the election. However in Texas, one elector there has already made public that he will not cast his vote for Trump no matter what and that would push the election to the House of Representatives because Trump would have only 269.

My guess is that Trump would win in the House but I never thought a fourth place finisher could throw the whole system into upheaval. I never thought clear thinking people would allow a woman under the guise of making sure ‘the election was fair’ would actually be trying her very best to disenfranchise millions of voters across the nation.

I cannot figure out why the Mainstream Media isn’t talking more about this but maybe they all know something that I don’t or maybe Trump was exactly right about the whole thing being rigged but not exactly in the way he originally thought.