Last Friday Governor Whitmer informed us that Michigan’s Chief Medical Executive Dr. Joneigh Khaldun would be resigning to leave for a position in the private sector.   If you have forgotten let me remind you that this is the same doctor that last August wwmt reported stating the following:

I have recommended that if a mask mandate were in place and it were followed it would likely decrease the spread of COVID-19 in schools

A statewide mask mandate that Governor Whitmer, after seeing her poll numbers crater, has refused to issue.  As a side note, would the mandate that Dr. Khaldun was calling for be only for N-95 or better masks?  Biden’s Covid advisor and top epidemiologist Dr. Osterholm admitted that cloth and typical paper masks are ineffective and stated that Americans should only use heavier duty N-95 masks.

Will the person Governor Whitmer has chosen to be Michigan’s interim Chief Medical Executive have the same thoughts about masks?  Stay tuned, her thoughts on masks will be revealed in an upcoming tweet she liked.

Whitmer informed us that she has chosen Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian to serve as the interim Chief Medical Executive of Michigan beginning on October 1st. What is extremely troubling about Whitmer’s new choice is Dr. Bagdasarian’s tyrannical and aggressive beliefs.  Last September 2nd she liked the following Tweet:

She agrees with the idea of the state issuing bounties on people who do not wear masks and Whitmer chose her?

Did Whitmer ask her about her wanting to put bounties on the heads of Michiganders and our visitors?

Does Whitmer believe the state should be putting bounties on the heads of residents and visitors who do not wear masks?

Do Whitmer and Bagdasarian not see what offering bounties on the heads of Michigan residents and visitors who do not wear a mask would do to this state?

Is any news reporter asking Governor Whitmer these questions?  To date, I have seen no reporting on Whitmer being asked these very important questions.

Could you imagine the number of physical altercations they would be encouraging?

All of these questions raise very serious questions about the competency of Governor Whitmer to run this state and the choices she makes.

What’s next, will she be asking State Police to use horses to go after these people in Michigan who the state has put bounties on their heads for not wearing a mask?

IRA Suspect Gerry Tuite
Steve Burton/Keystone/Getty Images

Michigan deserves much better leadership than this, 2022 is just around the corner.

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