Many in Michigan and across the country are very concerned that our last election was fraught with fraud and voter suppression by the Democratic Party.  One of those concerns comes from the Democrat-run Dominion Voting Systems.  That same voting software and hardware that Michigan’s Antrim County used that changed votes from President Trump to Biden.  There were 47 other counties that used this same election software/hardware in the state of Michigan.

Breitbart is reporting that the Michigan House Oversight Committee chaired by State Representative Matt Hall from R-Marshall wants to speak with the CEO of Dominion, John Poulos.  In a letter dated December 4th Rep. Hall stated:

On November 23, I sent you a letter inviting you to join the House Oversight Committee so that we could get answers to the many questions that we have regarding the potential issues that occurred on Election Day. I have not received an answer to my request

Apparently, Mr. Poulos has no respect for the people of Michigan or he believes he cannot defend the actions of his company and product because he never showed up or scheduled an appearance.  That promoted Rep. Hall to write the second letter on December 4th in which he went on to say:

I am writing again to request your appearance before the House Oversight Committee so that we can further investigate Dominion’s role in the election…To help our constituents, committee members, and colleagues better understand the election software, and get to the bottom of any of the issues that arose on Election Day related to the software I am hopeful that you would agree to appear and speak with us

If the CEO of Dominion still continues to disrespect the people of Michigan, a client of theirs, Rep. Hall stated:

Finally, if Dominion chooses to ignore this second request to come before the committee I am prepared to seek legislative subpoena power to compel your appearance before the House Oversight Committee. I am hopeful that it would not come to this.

Michigan is not the only state that the CEO of Dominion has contempt for its citizens.  Last month he was scheduled to appear before the Pennsylvania legislature but canceled just hours before the hearing was scheduled to begin.

The people of Michigan deserve answers to ensure the integrity of our election system in Michigan.  Today at least half of the citizens in Michigan have very little or no faith in our election system and that is certainly something we need to address.

If Biden one the election fair and square in Michigan so be it.

The question that hangs over his, Secretary of State Benson, Attorney General Nessel and ultimately Governor Whitmer’s head is did he?


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