She first hinted at it and now she is apparently all for it.  Democratic lawmakers are once again attempting to reward people who break the law, go figure.

According to an article published in MLive State Senator Stephanie Chang, D-Detroit, plans to reintroduce a bill she has sponsored in the pass to allow illegal aliens to apply and receive Michigan driver licenses.  This time with the support of Governor Whitmer and Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

Senator Chang and other supporters believe that allowing illegal aliens the ability to be issued Michigan drivers licenses would make Michigan roads safer.  Can anyone explain to me how someone being issued a driver’s license would make Michigan roads or any states roads safer?

Senator Tom Barrett, R-Charlotte, who opposes this idea stated:

We have to respect the laws of our country, not encourage or reward people for being here illegally

Why do you think so many people on the left do not respect our laws?

Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said she stands with Governor Whitmer:

so that all individuals working and residing in our state may obtain a state ID or a driver’s license for use in Michigan

When did you ever think that the Governor and Secretary of the state of Michigan would ever believe it was a good idea to reward people who break the law?  Governor Whitmer and Ms. Benson how will you reward the residents of Michigan who are here legally?

By the way did you know that before 2008, Michigan issued driver’s licenses regardless of immigration status?  That all changed in 2007 when former Attorney General Mike Cox, a Republican, was asked to issue an opinion on issuing driver’s licenses to people here illegally.  His opinion stated that driver’s licenses could not be issued to those without legal permission to live in the U.S. and that opinion was later codified into law.

What are the Democrats going to do next issue convicted home invaders who served their time contractor licenses?

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