I often cite the ridiculous amount of our tax dollars that are spent wastefully in our government.  Quite often it is spent by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Once again the Washington Free Beacon is reporting on exactly that, ridiculous wasteful spending by the National Science Foundation.

The NEF is actually going to spend a quarter of a million dollars on attempting to ensure the "legitimacy" of women in the workplace.  Legitimacy of women in our workforce, are you kidding me?

Who in the NSF is actually even entertaining these “scientific” projects let alone green lighting them and spending our hard earn tax dollars on such dribble.

Who is receiving this quarter of a million dollars to study the legitimacy of women in the workforce, well it is Emory University in Atlanta.  They were awarded this “project” in which the will attempt to understand "what is required to ensure the legitimacy of female authorities."  According to the grant they stated:

Legitimacy is critical for the effective performance of authorities in workplace settings…Legitimated authorities have secured support from their superiors and subordinates, who accept them as appropriate in their positions and are likely to comply with their requests…In contrast, authorities who are not legitimated are likely to be challenged, resisted, and scrutinized

Looking into Michigan numbers I went to Michigan State University’s Institute for Public Policy and Social Research and found the following:

Michigan’s labor participation numbers by gender:

Labor force participation rates for men and women in Michigan follow a similar trend between 2003 and 2016, but participation among men averaged around 17% higher than for women. Despite a recent uptick in preliminary 2016 data, labor force participation for men is around 7% lower and  around 5% lower for women than in 2003. Since then, rates for both men and women have fallen by around a half percent each year on average.

Does anyone really believe that we should spend $248,000 to determine whether women can find "legitimacy in the workplace”? Have we not already proven that decades ago. I worked for a women who worked for a women when I graduated from college and moved to Boston to work in the corporate side of a bank back in 1986. I found both of those women to be intelligent and legitimate.

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