Looking for that place in Michigan that is on the rise? Look to the southwest in Wayne County, surrounded by the Motor City.

According to GoBankingRates.com, the biggest "boomtown", or fastest-growing city based on population and business growth percentages, is snuggled in the heart of Wayne County just north of Detroit.

The city of Hamtramck (pronounced ham·tra·mik) is Michigan's boomtown. 

Hamtramck By The Numbers

Hamtramck is growing at a fairly steady, yet fast, pace. Its population growth over eight years at 23.77% sounds a bit modest for a city tucked in almost entirely by Detroit but in one year the population growth is 26.93%. That's a fairly significant growth rate for a city that is only 2.09 square miles.

Occupied housing rates are just a bit higher than the population increases. However, the real boom for Hamtramck is the owner-occupied rate increases. Over the past five years, Hamtramck has seen an increase of 55.65% in owner-occupied units in the city.

Not only are people moving to Hamtramck, but they're owning their homes, which makes for a happy and secure environment. That's one heck of a comeback for a city that saw six decades of double-digit declines from 1930-1990.

Hamtramck History

According to the city's website, Hamtramck was originally founded by German farmers, but Polish immigrants became the prevailing populace in 1914 as the Dodge company opened a plant. Just 50 years ago the Polish population in Hamtramck was 90%. Today that number is 14.5%, according to the city's Wikipedia page.

The city was recognized in 1922 to protect itself from being annexed by Detroit.

Hamtramck Today

Today, Hamtramck continues its growth as a diverse city with plenty to do.

According to the 2020 census, Hamtramck's population is 28,433. The city is 53.6% white, including Middle Eastern ancestry, 21.5% Asian, and 19.3% black. Just over 40% of households are married, while 38.5% of homes have children under the age of 18.

According to Zillow, the typical home value is $146,634, a 3.9% increase from last year. The median rent is $1,150 per month, just $50 more than the state median.

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Getting out of the house doesn't mean crossing over into Detroit.

With a Polish heritage, it's no surprise that Hamtramck loves Pączkis. The city holds a 5K run through the Saturday before Pączki Day. This is just one of many diverse community events held annually by the city.

Around town, there's a comedy improv theater, Planet Ant Theatre. There are also plenty of local bars, restaurants and shops.

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