Michigan Democrat U.S. Representative John Dingell's long career in Congress will soon come to an end. It's being reported he will not run for re-election. He's been in Congress since 1955 and no one has had the job any longer than he has. He's now 87 years old and has served 29 terms representing southeastern Michigan.

Michigan U.S. Representative John Dingell - Photo by Getty Images

Dingell told the "Detroit News" he could have run again but he said he decided not to for several reasons. He said he's become "disillusioned" with the U.S. House and finds serving there "obnoxious". He also said it's become difficult because of all the "acrimony and bitterness."

He got his start in Washington in 1938 working as a page. On Monday, December 8, 1941 he was on the U.S. House Floor when President Roosevelt declared war on Japan the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor.