About a third of America (and I'm assuming that number is true of Michigan) worked from home at some point during this pandemic. At this point it's estimated about 25% of adult workers are still working from home. And with nowhere to go (bars, restaurants) and nothing to do (no sporting events, movie theaters or concerts) until recently, people haven't been driving on a regular basis. Which means they may be a "little rusty" when they get behind the wheel again.

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The AAA Club in Michigan says this is a chance for drivers to get back out there and correct distracted driving habits they (I'm sure you don't do these things) may have had in the past. According to a press release from the AAA Foundation For Public Safety about their annual "Traffic Safety Culture Index", drivers say other drivers do dangerous things - but a healthy percentage admit to doing these same things themselves. According to the report:

94% of drivers say reading on a cellphone is dangerous -

...but 38% have done it in the last 30 days.

96% of drivers say TYPING on a cellphone is dangerous -

....but 29% have done it in the last 30 days.

86% say driving THROUGH a red light is dangerous -

...but 31% have done it - in the last 30 days.

There's more in the report (almost 10% reported they'd been over the legal limit on alcohol and driving in the last 30 days), but if we could start over and maybe pay a little more attention, a lotta lives might be saved.

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