Many of us have experienced the challenges of working from home and most Michigan workers would love to get back to the office or shop.

There are many challenges: kids, staying organized, spouses/partners, wi-fi issues, "turning it off," staying focused and a getting motivated in the first place are all obstacles to productivity while working form home. The lack of social contact and just plain getting out of the house are also contributors to the growing dissatisfaction. In Michigan, we rank the experience as a 6.5 on a scale of 1-10.

IMPROB calculated the "Work from Home Happiness Index." They did a Google survey of 3,500 workers in November of 2020 and, while a score of 6.5 seems low, the average nationwide was only 6.6. While it may have been fun at first, it seems the novelty of working form home has worn off. Michigan's ranking of 6.5 was the most common, with 14 states answering the same. West Virginia was the most malcontent, coming in at a 4.5, while South Dakotans and Floridians would prefer never to go back to work, rating the work from home experience a 9 and a solid 8, respectively.

While the work from home experience didn't really work for me, 26% of Michigan workers are napping on the job and nearly a third of Michiganders admit to drinking alcohol at home during regular work hours. How are you faring?

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