Seriously, what is going on? There have been so many Michigan lottery winners I cannot keep track.

Soon we're going to be selling Michigan candles that smell like money instead of ones that smell like tart cherries and chocolate.

I'm not hating, I'm just wondering when it'll be my time to shine.

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Two Winners in Genesee County

Last week we had two winners from Genesee County!

One woman won the Michigan Lottery's $1,000 a Week For Life and a 59-year old man won $1 million dollars while pumping his gas and was so stunned, he accidentally drove off with the pump still in his car.

Another Michigan Lottery Winner

A 47-year old woman from Kent just won herself $866,890 playing Michigan Lottery's Fantasy 5!

I would faint right on the spot. I mean, what would one do with all of that cash?

The woman bought the ticket at a Speedway in Wyoming for the May 10 Fantasy 5 drawing and played the same numbers she's been playing for years, 03-07-17-36-38.

She plans on using her money to pay bills, fix up her home, and take a vacation.

You can read the full story on UPI's website.

The Winning Doesn't Stop There!

A 52-year old Saginaw County woman played the Michigan Lottery’s $1,000,000 Frenzy Multiplier Instant Game and struck gold at the Marion Springs General Store in Brant.

She received her $1 million jackpot as a one-time lump sum payment of $634,000.

She didn't give any specific details on what she plans to do with her money, but you can read the full story on MLive's website.

Are you ready to win big? Who knows, we could be talking about you next week!

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