Would someone out there please try to help me figure this out. I just wrote an article the other day about a woman from Michigan who recently won around $350,000!

And now this time around, another woman from Michigan, who is only 21 years old, has won a $2 million jackpot from a ticket she purchased during a visit to Jackson.

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Do you have any idea how many different types of lottery tickets I have purchased over the years and have never won a single dime? Well, I'm not saying I haven't won a few $2.00 scratch off games, but does that really count?

Here's the deal, the 21 year old lottery winner is now officially a millionaire. She bought her ticket at the Parnall Food Mart, on West Parnall Road in Jackson.

And here's what this millionaire had to say, courtesy of mlive.com:

“Every time I am in a different town, I like to buy a couple Lottery tickets,” said the winner. “I scratched the ticket when I got in my car and when I saw I’d won $2 million, I felt like I couldn’t breathe because I was in such shock. It was an unbelievable feeling!”

Does this mean she could retire at the age of 21? I mean, why not? She could travel the world, invest some of it, buy a house, or even buy a brand new vehicle.

What would you do with $2 million dollars? I could think of a lot of things I would do with that kind of money. Although I would give some of it to several charities, that's a given.

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