It will be a birthday to be remembered for a Michigan woman, but it will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Ashley Williams is in the hospital recovering after her mother stabbed her in the chest on her 34th birthday.

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Who Stabs Their Daughter in the Chest?

Williams tells Detroit's WJBK-TV that she was celebrating her birthday at her mom's home on May 31 when her mother 'snapped.'

"She stabbed me right in my heart. The only thing I could do, I was in shock," she said. "Only thing I really recall is her coming at me like with the knife, like I didn't even see my mom -- I saw a demon, a real demon. She had veins in her head her eyes were popping out."


Mom is Battling Alcoholism

Williams tells the TV station that her mom struggles with alcoholism and that she had been in a car accident earlier that day. She hopes this may be the impetus for her mother to get the help she desperately needs.

"I love my mom, and I really don't want her to go to prison for a long time, but I don't want her to keep getting away with this," she said. "I would tell her I love her and I really want her to get help. I forgive her I hope she forgives herself and I hope she finds it in herself to get help this time."

Her GoFundMe page has received almost $9,000 which she plans to use to pay her medical bills.

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